Fixed or Movable assets are of great values whether is of low price or higher one for any organisation. HTPL RONTrace RFID based system helps to track your assets and send alert on theft or tempering attempt.


A Web based application for tracking assets and its location and securing is the prime functionality of RFID solution. It Includes specialized tags for computer hardware, wiring closet cables, testing equipment, bottled gases, medical equipment, PDA’s, and more .


Our AMS Features are as follows,

Fixed & Movable Assets

» It provides an ease in meeting all specific requirements of an industry by tracing, probing and controlling fixed or movable assets.

Monitoring Assets

» Asset hovering nature is observed and verifies authority.


» Assets introduced from outside the campus are monitored and appropriate reports are generated.

Tags Identifier

» Tags that are Mislaid, Misused or Moved can be easily tracked and reports can be generated.

Adam Alerts

» Raises an alarm on theft related problem and links it to the nearest security section or can also configure for police Station.


» It stores or accumulates the database and generates all kinds of reports on tracking of fixed or movable assets and other concerns.


» Aggravated burglary and detection of lost assets and security vigilance when asset is mishandled are some of the key features.

Interface of Traceability

» Asset’s previous position and recent position is located and notified when displaced.

Value Determination

» Determine downgrading value of assets and generates reports for the same.

Tempering Alerts

» Tempering or the tag can also be alerted.

We also customized solution on specific requirement

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