Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Cost effective high quality hardware products for fleet management service providers


IButton Reader Kit AC100 & IButton Reader & IButton Key

Product Description: The kit includes one AC100 1-wire interface cable, one iButton reader and two iButton keys. Using the iButton reader kit, Queclink GV series devices can support access control or other identification applications.

Gramin FMI Support

Product Description: These products offer full support for the Garmin FMI protocol. As an accredited OEM/Hardware solution provider in the Garmin partner program, These products offer support for the Garmin FMI protocol of version 2.7 and all the previous versions. Installing GPS Tracker products integrated with Garmin navigation devices provides customers with a full featured navigation, communication and tracking solution. Garmin’s best in class navigation technology entitles customers to an easy-to-use touch screen user interface. It's a seamless two way communication between solution providers’ backend servers and the Garmin user interface via the Queclink protocol.

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor UFS300 For GV Series

Product Description: The fuel sensor is composed of ultrasonic detector, signal control box, signal extension wire, user interface wire, double-sided sticky tape, ultrasonic couplant, abrasive paper and two cable ties. It can work with Queclink's GV series to provide fuel level monitoring and fuel lost alarm.

CAN100_STD For Vehicle Tracking Devices

Product Description: CAN100_STD is used to decode information from vehicles digital buses (CAN bus and J1708) for tracking device. It can work with Queclink GV200, GV300, GV300VC, GV300W and GV75.

1-Wire Temperature Sensor Kit AC100 & 1-Wire Temperature Sensor

Product Description: The kit includes one AC100 1-wire interface cable and one 1-wire temperature sensor. Using the 1-wire temperature sensor kit, the Queclink GV series devices can measure and monitor temperature. The AC100 1-wire interface cable can support up to four temperature sensors simultaneously.