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Auto inventory control,tracking of books and media files,auto alert

Practice makes perfect

IntelLib Library Management System is an Automated Library System designed to facilitate an institution or an organization of small to large sized collections of books, CD’s and DVD’s and other reading materials. All the resources are outfitted with an RFID tags that enables monitoring of the in-transit and out-transit of the resources available for borrowing whether in the institutional library, central library or organizational library. 

RFID Reader & RFID Tags

The prime functionality of the RFID tag is read each time an item is lend out or returned to the library, this characteristic of the automatic tracking and maintaining the record for the same reduced the cumbersome of manual system such as manually typing in or writing out book code numbers. Member workstations can also facilitate the utility of touch screens system to ease the entire library management process and reduce the men power investment.

How it function?

The members simply have to place their ID card that contain RFID tag on the RFID reader and then login to a Self Serve Station to borrow materials, browse the library, review their history, return materials, reserve an item that is currently on lending mode, and other member activities. If the member does not have their ID card they can alternately enter their ID number using the numeric keypad displayed on the touch screen.

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