Monitoring the safety and security of your remote employees


In many industries, including utility companies, construction, oil, and home service providers, employees are required to work alone in challenging environments for long time periods. Our product can enable employers to communicate, track and be alerted when their employees encounter emergency situations.


 GPS are integrated with our AVL which are built for lone worker applications, with features such as:

  • › Restricted outbound calling allowing management of phone usage for cost control purposes and ensuring an employee is not using the phone for  personal calls when you need to reach them
  • › Restricted inbound calling prevents unauthorized use
  • › Auto answer feature allowing a control center to open a line and monitor / communicate without the employee needing to pick up the call
  • › Configurable speed dial buttons allowing rapid calling of up to four numbers
  • › Scheduled location update and location on demand by employee or by control center
  • › Location by call feature allows SMS response to calling number containing Google Map link to current device location
  • › Geo-fence support to enable alerting when an employee enters or exits from a work or dangerous location
  • › Single button press panic alerting with vibration feedback when alert sent
  • › Alerting when employee falls to allow emergency response
  • › Incoming SMS display

Queclink GL200 and GL300 are also ideal for personal tracking  applications, 

All products are provided with full protocol document support and a configuration manager tool to allow initial setup.