Monitoring remote assets



Improve service availability through monitoring remote assets

HTPL AVL application can integrate with wide variety of products offering remote monitoring of equipment and devices in the field to improve efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately improve service availability.

Queclink products can monitor a variety of inputs including : 

› Digital, that can be connected to sensors monitoring information such as power, lights, doors, etc.

› Analog, that can be connected to sensors monitoring temperature, load, humidity, fuel level, voltage levels, etc.

› RS232 serial, that can be connected to the devices themselves and relay transmissions directly from the equipment

› GPS location

› Motion detection, that can be used to indicate unauthorized removal

› Audio, for remote voice monitoring

The same Queclink products may be used to control the equipment itself conducting power resets, remotely unlocking access doors, etc.

All products are provided with full protocol document support and a configuration manager tool to allow initial setup.